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Ym1215red Tassel Small Metal Shoulder Style Evening Chain Purse Classical Bags Clutch Bag Handbags Lady aqRZSqAO
Penicillium fellutanum ATCC 48694 v1.0
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Style Ym1215red Tassel Small Chain Classical Lady Shoulder Bags Purse Handbags Clutch Evening Metal Bag
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Penicillium fellutanum by Keith Seifert

Penicillium fellutanum

Penicillium species are moulds found commonly associated with soil, decaying organic matter, and as storage rots or pathogens of fruits and vegetables. They are usually asexual members of the Eurotiales in the Ascomycota, although some species also produce a sexual state. Morphologically, the species are distinguished by their brush-like sporulating structures, which produce long green chains of dusty, single celled spores. They are equally well known for biodeterioration of organic matter, for their production of antibiotics such as penicillin and griseofulvin, toxic metabolites (mycotoxins) such as ochratoxin A, patulin, and penitrem A in food and grain, and their starring roles in camembert and blue cheeses. Some Penicillium species can also release fixed phosphorus (P) in the soil and make it available to growing plants. Compared with other nutrients, P is the least mobile and available to plants in most soils. P-solubilizing fungi play an important role in the global P cycle and can supply P to plants in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Penicillium fellutanum grows in soil and on seed surfaces and can tolerate extreme dryness and salinity. P. fellutanum is unable to solubilize calcium phosphate, but solubilizes iron and aluminum phosphates efficiently. The P. fellutanum genome will help to unravel mechanisms of P solubilization and fungal contributions to the P cycle.

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